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Rosemedvision uses recent technology and state of the art equipments to carry out an eye examinations.


Our examination rooms are clean and welcoming.

Comprehensive vision and eye examination entails evaluation of the functional status of the eyes and vision system. Diagnostic procedures are used to assess ocular health and related systemic conditions. Patient counseling and eye care education are part of consultation for eye test.



The following are eye examination procedure:


Visual acuity (VA): measures the ability of patient’s eyes to see clearly detail objects at near and at distance.


Preliminary tests: asses visual function, ocular health and visual system status prior full examination.


Refraction test: to correct refractive error of the eyes in order to make patient see objects at far and at near clearly and comfortably.



Fundoscopy: It examines internal structures of the eye to determine anatomical and physiological abnormalities of the eye. This procedure sometimes can require the use of eye drops to dilate the pupil of the eye for better examinations and results.



Ocular health procedures: are another important aspect of the examination to determine anatomical and physiological abnormalities of the eye.



Slit lamp Bio-microscope: it is examination procedure to asses front structures of the eye.


Tonometry: It is used to measure the eye’s internal pressure.


Perimetry: examination is the procedure to test how wide one can see.



Other procedures include:

Colour vision Test

Threshold tests

Depth of perception

Drivers screening and certification for your driver’s license

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Rosemedvision We are a full-service Optometry practice that provides comprehensive eye examination using state of the art diagnostic equipments. We offer the expertise of our dispensing team to help you pick frames that are just right for you. We are never knowingly beaten on service or price, offering you the very best in eye care and frame choices in Rosebank.


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