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Discovery Promotion

You can get 20% discount on your frames and eyeglass lenses when you visit an optometrist in the Discovery Health Optometry Network. The discount is immediate at point of sale and will help you preserve your Medical Savings Account. The benefit is available to Discovery Health Medical Scheme members (excluding KeyCare members) and members of selected Schemes administered by Discovery Health.

Example of how this discount works:

Jane went to an optometrist in the Discovery Health Optometry network and had an eye exam. She then got frames and lenses. The discount she gets is illustrated here.

Eye exam R400

Frames R1 500*

Lenses R2 500*

Total Invoice R4 400

Discount less 20% (lenses and frames) R800

Total after discount R3 600

*The discount is only applicable to hardware items such as frames and eyeglass lenses and excludes contact lenses and professional services (consultation and eye examination fees).

Please note that that the example above is for illustration purposes only as your invoice will be more detailed.